YNIOS PHARMA’ s proprietary compound –TA64– is a new technology for modulating the innate immunity response proportionally to the inflammatory insults. TA64 further protects cell integrity and restores cell and tissue homeostasis, providing a powerful way to dampen the symptoms induced by acute or chronic inflammation.

The compound enables new ways of immune modulation. The innovative mode of action of TA64 is, first, based on its capacity to achieve a dynamic competition for the binding sites of ions to obtain corrective physiological responses (enzymatic, metabolic, endocrine, vascular, neurotransmissions…) and, second, to be activated by an inflammatory messenger expression in a dependent manner, respecting healthy cells and keeping a liminary activity when homeostasis is restored.

Current standard treatments are essentially pathway blockers or inhibitors, which is a one-way mode of action, while cell physiology is dynamic, and defense pathways are activated when needed only and go back to rest when healthy homeostasis is restored.

We believe that the “inhibition approach” deprives the immune system from its natural regulation. The strength of TA64 is to be  activated by specific inflammatory messenger expression in a dependent manner, so it respects healthy cells, and its activity remains proportional to the intensity of the injury, therefore its involvement becomes physiologic when homeostasis is restored.

In vitro studies on several types of neurons, myelin, keratinocytes and white cells have demonstrated TA64′ safety and efficacy, along with a cell death protective effect against several types of inflammatory and neuroinflammatory injuries. It further showed nerves and myelin regeneration, a strong anti-inflammatory effect and a respect of healthy cells’ homeostasis.

Lately, an in vivo study on rats showed a clear dose/response trend, opening the way to Septic Shock studies on large animals.